How do i setup a VPN Connection in Windows 8?

Windows 8 Manual installation


This manual will help you through the setup of a VPNXS vpn connection.
In this tutorial we will be using Powershell

When you are in Windows, locate PowerShell (x86)

When PowerShell (x86) has started you have to type one of the following commands:

To connect to VPNXS

add-vpnconnection -Name VPNXS -ServerAddress

To connect to VPNXS UK

add-vpnconnection -Name VPNXS UK -ServerAddress

Once you have entered the command you press enter. This will create the VPN adapter.

Now we need to change some settings.

In order to use the vpn connection, we need to change some settings.

Press on your keyboard the Windows key + R or search for "Uitvoeren" for dutch language and "run" for english language and hit enter.



A new window will pop-up, type rasphone or rasphone.exe either will/should work.

A new windows should pop-up see below.

If you have more option to choose for, pick the one you have created earlier in this guide.


And click Properties, and again a new windows will show.

In this window select the second tab "options"

Here you can choose to store username and password, if you do this you don`t have to type in your password everytime you want to connect to VPNXS.

Put a check mark if you want to store your username and password.

Then click on PPP-Settings and put a check mark on the second option to enable software compression.

Then select the third tab "Security"

Make sure that the drop down menu "Type VPN" says

PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol)

Press OK

You should now be able to login to VPN by clicking on Connect.... and a new windows should pop-up

Here you need to fill in your username and password, which you will find in the email you received from us.

If applicable put a check mark at "this user name and password to save:"

Also choose if you want to save your username and password for just yourself or for anyone who uses this computer.

Then press connect. If all went well you should be able to connect to VPNXS

To verify that everything is working and that all traffic goes via VPN you can visit VPNXS Check

If you seem to have for whatever reason have any problems with connecting then don`t hesitate to contact us.