How do i setup a VPN connection in Windows 7?

Windows 7 Manual installation


This manual will guide you through setting up a VPN connection for Windows 7.

Open the start menu and type "VPN" in the search box.

Fill in the internet address like and a Destionation name like VPNXS

Fill in the user details that you have received by email from us. Make sure you leave the "Domain" field empty!

Go to the start menu again and type in the search box Network and go to the "Network and Sharing Centre"

Click on "Connect to a network" and then right click on the VPN connection you created earlier and select "Properties".

Go to the "Security" tab and set the VPN type to Point to Point Tunneling Protocol PPTP

Go to the "Networking" tab and make sure you remove the vink at "File and Printer sharing for Microsoft networks" and make sure there "Internet protocol version 4" is selected

Now press the OK button and you are ready to use the connection.

To verify that the VPN connection is working, you can go to VPNXS Check it should show a message that the Ip-address you see is from VPNXS and that all traffic goes via VPNXS.

If you seem to have for whatever reason have any problems with connecting then don`t hesitate to contact us.