Hoe stel ik de VPN verbinding in?

Windows Vista Manual Installation


This manual will help you through the setup of a VPNXS vpn connection.
When your computer has been booted you point to start menu -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center
Choose for “Set up a connection or network”

Select in this windows for Connect to a workplace















Click Next.

Choose for the option to use my internet connection (VPN)


Here you will need to fill in the server address which you will use to connect to.

There are 2 options here:
Server 1: connect.vpnxs.nl
Server 2: connect.uk.vpnxs.nl *

* This server is located in the United Kingdom. And can be used to watch the BBC iPlayer for example.

Put a checkmark which says "Don`t connect now; just set it up so I can connect later"













When done press Next

Here you need to fill out your username and password. Which you have received by e-mail.

Also put a checkmarker in front of "Remember this password". If you please, if you don`t want the password to be stored, You will be asked to type in the password every time you want to connect to VPN.








Once done click create.

Once you have clicked on create, you will see this screen. Press close because we need to change some settings before we can connect.

Close all Windows that are open.

Click on start en type "Networkcenter"

On the left you see a couple of options.

Select "Manage network connections"


Right click on the VPN adapter, which you have created earlier on and select Properties.

You will see a new window with a couple of tabs.

First choose the tab options and make sure you uncheck "Include Windows logon domain"

Next select the networking tab and make sure that the dropdown menu says "PPTP VPN"

and press OK

After we have changed all the settings we are ready to connect.


To verify that the VPN connection is working, you can go to VPNXS Check it should show a message that the Ip-address you see is from VPNXS and that all traffic goes via VPNXS.

If you seem to have for whatever reason have any problems with connecting then don`t hesitate to contact us.